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How do I pay for Fantastic classes?
Fantastic accepts cash or checks.
(There is a $20 check return fee)


What should my child wear for class?

A leotard is recommended or any athletic wear. Hair must be pulled back for safety reasons.


What is a session?

Sessions run every 4 weeks and fees are due at the beginning of a session.

How do I notify that my child is stopping?

You may email, Fantastic Gymnastics Facebook messenger or call

(904)225-0022 and leave a message.

How do I sign up for a trial class?
Call  (904)225-0022 or email to get the times available for your child to attend the trial class. Trial fee is $20 (cash or check) and this is a way to allow your child to try the class and for the instructor to evaluate your child's skill level. 


Can we still join your classes after the session has started?

Yes and Fantastic will pro-rate the fee for the session.

Can parents watch?

Fantastic provides a lobby with windows for observing.


What is a registration fee?
Each gymnast will be required to pay an annual $50 registration fee. If your child  stops and then returns a registration fee will be required again.
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