June session fees due the week of May 31-June 4th.   

(Sessions are every 4 weeks).

Classes continue all summer. Summer camp

June 20-23 &

July 18-21/9:00-12:00

$125 registered &

$150 non-registered. Must be signed-up prior to camp. Thanks

The 24th Annual Flip Fest scheduled Sat. May 21st. All gymnasts will be performing . Don't miss out!!!

Fantastic Gymnastics won BEST WALKING GROUP. Thank you to everyone that walked in the parade!!!


10 Perfect Reasons to get in the gym!

1. Develop Coordination.

2. Social interaction with peers.

3.Develop skills to enhance other sports.

4. Learn fundamentals of movement.

5. Learn to listen and follow directions.

6.Gain self-esteem and confidence.

7. Develop strength and power.

8. Develop flexibility.

9. Learn to set goals.

10. ITS FUN!!!


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We are excited for your interest in our program here at Fantastic Gymnastics. Gymnastics is considered by many to be the most beautiful sport in the world. Here at Fantastic Gymnastics we offer a complete program of gymnastics and fitness activities. The goal of our program is for every student to reach their full potential, through individual as well as positive encouragement.

Our goal is to make fitness, sports and exercise a popular choice of our children's lives. We will strive to teach the importance of taking care of your body and feeling happy and wholesome when doing so.

Fantastic Gymnastics.......

has been serving Nassau and Duval Counties for 25 years. Fantastic is located at 96070 Chester Road in Yulee. The facility has regulation gymnastics equipment as well as preschool and recreational equipment and a lobby for viewing. Fantastic Gymnastics offers programs for all ages and levels. Our goal is to help every child reach their individual goals and excel at one of the most exciting and challenging sports in the world.